October 2021
First I would like to Welcome all of those who has come to Worship with us a NLC. We are happy to meet you and invite you into our ministry with the Love of Christ!
As we have officially closed our sermon series being in the Book of Daniel, I pray that you have all grown to a place of confidence and growing hope. As we continue to navigate in these times, I pray

Happy Monday New Life! Some might ask, why do I greet people each day with “Happy…”, well it is simple. How we introduce the day, is how we can align our minds with Gods spirit in us. Not many would think Monday can be a happy day, but to God and his people, everyday is Happy. In the face of adversity, we can find joy. In the face of turmoil, we can find peace. We these things through prayer, and spending time with God, and allowing our spirit to be filled with the Joy and Peace only God can provide. We are in week 1 of an ordered Shutdown, and Church, we have a ways to go, but now, more than ever, we have time to stop and pray. God has literally placed us in a time where the “rat race” has come to a screeching stop. Remember those prayers for God to slow you down, or make more time… well… here we are. Pick up your Bibles, allow God to influence you in this time, allow his Joy and Peace take you over so when you greet the person at the store, the checker, the stock person, etc. you can tell them… “Happy Wednesday!”

A good friend of mine said last week, “I feel as if God is getting our attention”, I’m not saying he created this, but what I am saying is that through this, he wants your attention, and he wants to see you respond in prayer.

Be blessed Church, this will pass. Pray, ask God for wisdom, guidance, and a life fearless of what the enemy tries to bring. The only fear we should have is a righteous fear of God, our creator, our Heavenly Father, and our Good Good Father.