Today @ New Life Church:
August 28th 2021-
We are excited! If you have not had a chance to visit and see our refresh, we invite everyone to come and Worship with us every Sunday @ 9:30am. We would like to thank everyone who gave joyfully to our project and know that it will bless many!
2021 continues to present struggles for all of us, in ways we never have seen in our lifetimes, but, God is in Control. Remember that through all that we are seeing, across the world and in our own back yard, we, The Church, are being given an opportunity to be the [Light and Salt of the Earth] – Matthew 5:13-16. The challenge to ALL believers is clear, how will WE respond? I encourage everyone to be attentive to what the Holy Spirit is doing in your life, family, and our world. Though we are seeing events take place that shock us to the core, “Fear Not” know that “[He] is with you, do not be dismayed, for He is [your] God, [He] will strengthen you, [He] will help you, [He] will uphold you with [His] righteous right hand”- Isaiah 41:10.
Join us as we pray for those who have lost their lives to this illness that has moved about the world.
Join us as we pray for families who cope with the loss of their loved ones.
Join us as we pray for our Men and Women in Uniform who are risking their lives to save another.
Join us as we pray for the Church across the globe, for our Christian brothers and sisters who are standing for Christ in the face of evil.
Join us as we pray for those who have not come to the understanding or knowing of Christ Jesus, may our lives be a living testimony to everyone, and point towards the Glory of God.
“Be Strong, Take Heart, all you who hope in the Lord” – Psalm 31:24

Today @ New Life Church:
As of January 2021, I have been blessed with the opportunity to fulfill my first year as the Sr. Pastor at New Life Church of the Nazarene. Coming into January 2020, I had no idea what God was going to do with our church, but I did know that prayer would reveal our direction. Little did we know or anticipate, the World would soon be tossed into a whirlwind of change as the Corona Virus Pandemic would soon shape how we served our community. As we learned to maneuver through this interesting time, it was clear that we had some tough decisions to make in order to continue and follow God’s call for his church. As a result, we have adapted to the ever so changing tide, being called to meet together as instructed by the Word in Hebrews 10, while also adjusting and maintain an opportunity for anyone around the world to Join us in Live Worship on our Facebook Page (@phelnannewlife). The New Life Church Board, along with our Church Leaders, supported the direction we felt the Lord calling us to, which was continual worship, community outreach events, and daily devotions (Live on Facebook Mon-Fri @ 7am @phelannewlife). 
2021 has already proven to be a rollercoaster, but we know that the Lord is guiding our path as we continue to serve the Tri-Community, now working alongside in partnership with several area churches. With our “One Church” vision, we have been successful in developing a unity among several ministries for one purpose, to share the Word of God and the Love of Christ. 
We are excited how the first half of 2021 has gone, our first community outreach event was on Easter where we had 3 Worship Teams from 3 churches in our area, as well as a gospel duet to share in worship with the community. 
Please continue to Pray for our community and our Church as we follow God’s call and remain spirit led, always allow God to be our main focus and advancing the Kingdom. 
God Bless!
Pastor Mike Villegas