Pastor’s Update 12-28-2016

Greetings New Life Church of the Nazarene and Happy New Year! I am excited to share with you that on January 1st, we will be begin a new sermon series on the Book of Revelation entitled, “Drawing Back the Curtain of God’s Truth.”

This year we will going through John’s Revelation and drawing out some of the most important theological truths that the book has to offer us.

Not many books (today) have affected Christians more dramatically than the book of Revelation. It has inspired countless sermons, theological doctrines, artistic works, hymns, and even more recently fictional novels and movies that have captured the imagination of Evangelical Christians in the United States.

Over the centuries Christians have interpreted the book in a wide variety of ways, but through it all one point remains central to the book—and that is for Christians to remain steadfast and faithful to God. The Church is to persevere and remain faithful to God despite the rise and fall of local and national leaders, world empires, and the cultural changes they will experience–not only in their lifetime, but throughout the course of human history until Christ returns.

In other words, Revelation exhorts us to remain steadfast and faithful to God in the political and cultural context in which we live, and warns us, not only about the threat of persecution—but also about the threat of complacency and assimilation into our surrounding culture.

I have spoken to many Christians who have expressed frustration and even fear regarding the visions and images of the cataclysmic events found in the book. And so I want to encourage you with some words found in the first vision of John’s Revelation. This vision is not of any future cataclysmic event, but of a person—the crucified and risen Christ, who is already present among his churches.

His message to John is simply this, “Do not be afraid.”

It is no coincidence, that as we continue to move through the book, that we will experience a whirl wind of threats and divine assurance—until we reach that final climactic vision of the throne of God and of the Lamb, so that our only appropriate response is, “Amen. Come, Lord Jesus.”

I look forward to walking with you through John’s Revelation and my prayer is that it will encourage you to lead a life of worship, deepen your faith and convictions, and draw you closer to God.

May the grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you always. Amen.

–Pastor Jeff

Pastoral Team Working Hard on Calendar

What’s up New Life Church?
I’m excited to say that we are gearing up for our biggest year yet.  2015 was wonderful and God did so much in the High Desert using our ministry.  Pastor Jeff and I have hashed out roughly the first 6 months of 2016 regarding sermon series’ and it is going to be AWESOME!  We are going to tackle some very real issues, from sexuality to finances.  We are going to also do some in depth studies of both Philippians and Daniel.  But first, we are going to start our new calendar year with a series entitled “Reset: A New Year, A New Start.”  In this series we are going to further define our foundational doctrines as a Nazarene Church.  This all kicks off this Sunday, January 3rd @ 10:30, see you all there!
Yours in prayer,
Travis Humble